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Welcome to!

Print via QPCPrint to Windows printers using ESC/P
or ESC/P2 codes, even if the printers don't "understand" them. Even to fax or pdf drivers!

If you have found this page, you are most likely facing one of the following problems:
  • You are using a dot-matrix printer (EPSON or EPSON-compatible) and you would like to use an ink printer instead - but all the modern printers do not "understand" the old printer programming languages like ESC/P or ESC/P2.
  • You are using a DOS application which requires direct programming of a printer in its "native" language.
  • You have to replace an old inkjet printer (capable of ESC/P or ESC/P2, like EPSON Stylus 740, 800, 850, 900, 980) by a modern printer - which cannot handle the old printer languages anymore.
  • Your application prints ONLY to ESC/P or ESC/P2 printers, but you would prefer to be able to print to fax drivers, PDF printer drivers etc. as well.

You have found a solution to all these problems - and more!

Try QPCPrint - a demo version is available so that you can test it yourself before you purchase a license (or more) - it's affordable, and it works great!

QPCPrint (short for Quick PC Print) is exclusively available from JMS (Jochen Merz Software) in Germany. You can find more information about JMS (address, phone, fax, email contact) and more information QPCPrint on the JMS homepage.

And even more detailed information, download of the demo version can be found on the homepage of the author of QPCPrint. In the unlikely case that support is required, the author can be contacted directly.

But QPCPrint works so well that we are sure you will be pleased - just give it a try and see if that is the solution you are looking for!

So stop searching for other printer emulators - QPCPrint will be YOUR solution - try the free demo download!